Thursday, 7 January 2010

Teeth, Cupcakes and Snow Days

My picture for the 4th:

I went to school, wasn't very happy for much of the day and had a cavity filled. It rained and stuff. (I rediscovered my Faber-Castell markers that day.)


Ahh, January 5th - an okay day that was epitomized by a truly glorious cupcake a friend bought for me in town after school. (Seriously. It was the BEST DAMN CUPCAKE I have ever had. Ever.) I saved it until I got home, where I ate it sitting on the side of the bath while the shower warmed up. <3


My first picture with text, January 6th was also a snow day. I ate porridge, did homework, watched the snow, had depressing conversations with my dad, blew my nose a lot, lamented a temporarily broken printer, wrapped birthday presents, watched Criminal Minds and then watched clips of Shelter online in no particular order. Shelter is my current FAVOURITE MOVIE EVARRR because it is squishy and adorable and it makes me want to draw which is always a good thing.

Also I have now created a tumblr account formatted much the same as this, where I can follow more people and feel more included. xD I'll post both there and here, whenever I DO post that is.


  1. I usually sit on the side of the tub with a cup of hot tea and a good book while waiting for the shower to warm or the tub to fill up. Bliss during cold days like this!

    Never heard of Shelter; what is it?

  2. Everyone calls it 'that gay surfer movie' but it's actually got more depth than that lol.] I find the main character's artwork really inspiring. Perfect for a project like this I suppose! :D