Monday, 4 January 2010

Homework Pain and Ominous Black Doom Clouds

My drawing for January 2nd:

Lots of schoolwork that I left till the last minute caught up with me. I've not yet recovered. T_T

Aaaaand my drawing for January 3rd. Now Featuring Colour!! :D

The doominess of the homework combined with my family arguing and my own inconvenient PMS created an Ominous Black Doom Cloud that refused to go away all of that day. The teddy bear about to be crushed by it is called Murf. (Don't worry, he's not swearing - he talks in doodles.)

I'm sensing a pattern of me posting my pictures the day after I draw them (ie scribble them late at night). :/


  1. Hah. My journal post today was somewhat similar. Not schoolwork, just art assignments I'm procrastinating on that I don't want to work on. I even wrote "Argh argh argh!" at the top, lol.
    LOVE the doom cloud and the poor little bear. Murf is a pretty awesome bear name.

  2. I know how you feel, brah XDD