Sunday, 24 January 2010


Yeah, so about two weeks' worth of drawings have built up and I've kept forgetting to scan them. iFAIL. -.-


Watched District 9 for my mom's birthday; awesome (if scary) movie recced by my dad. If nothing else it's put me off prawns for life.


I procrastinated a lot. What else is new? (My snails: Sterling Moss, Calypso, Blue and Radio in order of shell size.)


Studied for my exam the next day. Yay for last-minute cramming. >>


I did my exam (pretty crappily I think) and procrastinated more as a present to myself. I also carried Lola my sock monkey around with me for comfort (I AM SUCH A KID).


These two are my favourite stuffed toys from my childhood. Kovu from The Lion King 2 and an orca whale I cleverly named Blackie. They're swimming or something I don't know.


One of my rare days of productivity. I wish I had more of them. They make me feel like less of a loser.


This is a character in a story idea that's been plaguing me for ages. Her name's Macy and she works in a home decor shop.


My calendars from arrived. :D I got a normal-sized one from Disney Pixar's UP which is really nice, and a miniature one with Edward Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies.


The productivity didn't last long.


Went to the gym for the first time in forever and got a bad case of selfconsciousitis. I hate that.


I actually don't remember drawing this picture so I must've been pretty tired. xD


I LIVE in my school library. It's the nicest (read: safest) place to hang out. The only problem is there are ENDLESS opportunities to get distracted from important coursework.


I was really emo when I drew this because my sister pissed me off. That red stuff is blood, because I was too tired to draw proper gore like I normally do when I'm angry. (Very well adjusted am I.)


Another "I AM SO TIREDDED" picture. I need to stop doing this.


I woke up with a horrible cold but I got a letter from one of my best friends in Canada so that made up for it. :3

OMG I'll try not to leave it this long again. T_T

Saturday, 9 January 2010

More Snow Days and Funny Sentence Friday #1!


I sat around on the Interwebz and regretted it later. I do this all the time. I'M DOING IT RIGHT NOW. D:


This is my first attempt at a Funny Sentence Friday... 'constrained cycling yodelling next'. I don't know. It was scribbled hastily right before I had to go to a birthday party. I'll put more thought into it next time. Maybe. xD (Yes, she is staying upright and moving on her unicycle by magic.)

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Teeth, Cupcakes and Snow Days

My picture for the 4th:

I went to school, wasn't very happy for much of the day and had a cavity filled. It rained and stuff. (I rediscovered my Faber-Castell markers that day.)


Ahh, January 5th - an okay day that was epitomized by a truly glorious cupcake a friend bought for me in town after school. (Seriously. It was the BEST DAMN CUPCAKE I have ever had. Ever.) I saved it until I got home, where I ate it sitting on the side of the bath while the shower warmed up. <3


My first picture with text, January 6th was also a snow day. I ate porridge, did homework, watched the snow, had depressing conversations with my dad, blew my nose a lot, lamented a temporarily broken printer, wrapped birthday presents, watched Criminal Minds and then watched clips of Shelter online in no particular order. Shelter is my current FAVOURITE MOVIE EVARRR because it is squishy and adorable and it makes me want to draw which is always a good thing.

Also I have now created a tumblr account formatted much the same as this, where I can follow more people and feel more included. xD I'll post both there and here, whenever I DO post that is.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Homework Pain and Ominous Black Doom Clouds

My drawing for January 2nd:

Lots of schoolwork that I left till the last minute caught up with me. I've not yet recovered. T_T

Aaaaand my drawing for January 3rd. Now Featuring Colour!! :D

The doominess of the homework combined with my family arguing and my own inconvenient PMS created an Ominous Black Doom Cloud that refused to go away all of that day. The teddy bear about to be crushed by it is called Murf. (Don't worry, he's not swearing - he talks in doodles.)

I'm sensing a pattern of me posting my pictures the day after I draw them (ie scribble them late at night). :/

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Weird Dreams

This is my drawing from yesterday that I scribbled last second and forgot to upload. xD

Based loosely on a weird dream I had in the early morning of that day. WARNING: most of my pictures will probably look like this! Foreshadowing!

Also, they're sitting on a bed. So yes. Take that as you will.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Shiny New Blog

First post! :D Welcome to my 2010 art challenge blog thingaring! I'm starting this because of an amazing idea by a cool cat called Maddy that was then pimped by Charlie, which is how I found out about it. I only found this project today, so I'm diving in head first because that's how I roll. I don't technically have the time to spare for this project but like with NaNoWriMo '09 (I started two weeks late and only finished 1,600 words -.-') I DECIDED TO JOIN ANYWAY. Yay for stubbornness!

I'll probably only post pictures a couple of times a week IF THAT, even though I'm aiming for drawing one every day. It's the uploading that will be a pain.