Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Jan 24th - Feb 15 part 1

Okay I fail let's move on.

Jan 24th:

Got involved in my art project again; features watches, clocks and snails! Yay!


Another crap day. These are happening way too often lately. -.-


I'm very particular about my sketchbooks; I treat them more like a scrapbook and keep my drawings very sketchy and loose. One of my art teachers does the same thing so we geeked about it together for awhile.


I feel bad about drawing this now. But it's true.


Fell of the wagon for the first time. Totally forgot. Was very upset at myself.


Forgot AGAIN but faked it this time. Sort of. (Daybreakers was hilarious though. Seriously.)


Finally saw Avatar, wasn't as impressed as I'd expected but it was certainly good.


Demolished a Galaxy bar today and drew on the wrapper in Sharpie. Was watching So You Think You Can Dance at the time.

Feb 1st:

I got really bored of doing the same stuff every day, so I did a really bad collage thingy with a wrapper and receipt.


Did more stuff for my art project - this time, my exam project which I'm basing around Joseph Cornell's boxes. <3 Also started liking my new glasses - they're exactly like my old ones but slightly lighter! (I'm afraid of change :P)


Busy: my perpetual life state, it seems. xD

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