Sunday, 5 September 2010

Still Going Strong! :D

I know it looks like I've long abandoned this project, but I just wanted to drop a note saying that is not the case! In fact I still spend a few minutes each evening churning out some sort of scribble or doodle, most of them far below sub-par, but I'm continuing nonetheless. The only part of this project I just can't seem to keep up with is the blogging part, and posting pictures. It was just far too time consuming and I dreaded it so much that I ignored it. (Not the way to solve problems btw.) So I'm going to stop that, probably altogether, and just finish it for my own enjoyment. If I have anything worth posting I may do so. We'll see. :D

This project has also helped me find a way of journaling, something I've always wanted to get in to. Mostly I just scrawl a sentence or two, and add a relevant doodle, but it's more than I've managed to do before. So thank you to Maddy for that. :) Good luck everybody! We're nearly there!

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